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DAY 1 │ Sep 4, 1PM CST

The Perfect Reed

DAY 4 │ Sep 7th, 1PM CST

How to Choose a Better 

Oboe Reed

DAY 2 │ Sep 5th, 1PM CST

Creating a Beautiful Sound

DAY 5 │ Sep 4th, 1PM CST

Cultivating Joy in Your

Oboe Playing

DAY 3 │Sep 6th, 1PM CST

Fundamentals of Playing

with Ease

DAY 6 │Sep 9th, 1PM CST

BONUS Q&A with Erin

Oboe Path

I offer a unique 6-month program called the Oboe Path that simplifies the steps needed to improve on the oboe. Using one-on-one feedback, a customized personal plan and weekly online group masterclasses, an oboist  is able to learn to play with joy and ease.

Watching their peers receive feedback and progress helps my students stay motivated and practise with clarity. With their customized personal plan, they don’t waste practise time and see the results immediately. Through the Oboe Path, my students will continue to become the oboists that everyone wants to play with.

I invite you to book a free 15 minute call with me today by clicking the logo below! I’d love to discuss your or your child’s journey on the oboe.

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